GoalGetters United Soccer Club

Goalgetters and Lakeshore United Affiliation

1/31/2020 7:20:52 AM
We are pleased to officially announce that Goalgetters United Soccer has begun an affiliation with Lakeshore United FC, LUFC of Sheboygan.  This affiliation for Select and Academy players will start this spring.

Our board has taken a lot of time to take this decision and work with LUFC’s board to make sure it was in the best interest for both of our soccer communities.  After months of deliberation we have decided that this is an exciting new chapter for Goalgetters and the Manitowoc Soccer Community.
The recreational soccer program will remain 100% of GGUSC and will be managed entirely here in Manitowoc

What does this affiliation with LUFC mean, practically?
-All select and academy players will now register through LUFC-(linked through GG site or LUFC)
-GGUSC select and academy players will be viewed by WI Youth Soccer Association as members of LUFC, GG Manitowoc.
-LUFC/GG Manitowoc will have teams in our traditional East Central Division.
-LUFC traditionally plays in the Southeast Classic League. Sheboygan to Milwaukee more or less.
-All players will do try-outs in summer to set a roster spot for fall and spring play.  This will start after our 2020 spring season.
 What are the benefits of this affiliation?
-Opportunity for players to play on multiple teams depending on their level of skill and desire.    - Possibly State Cup teams, Midwest Regional League Teams.
-Professional coaching staff from LUFC will be available during camps, training sessions and to assist our       Manty coaches with coaching education and development.
-Participation in Sheboygan tournaments.  All Manty teams are invited and will play in the Sheboygan Select “Kickin’ It Lakeside Tournament” Sponsored by Kohler Credit Union on June 5
- TOPS Soccer program for youth with disabilities.
- Greater access to fields and facilities including an excellent indoor facility, to complement our program here at the Rollaire, Citizens Park.
We hope you will take advantage of this great new opportunity.   If you have any questions, please contact:
Chris Gutman                                                    or                                            Guido Lenaerts
Coaching Director  920-334-0561                                                                President 920-682-3797
Chris_guts@hotmail.com                                                                             lenaertsgv@yahoo.com